June is National Safety Month, so there’s no better time to offer a few dental safety tips. After all, summer can be a trying time for oral hygiene — there are later nights, more days out of a routine, and, of course, more sugar.

Featured Dental Safety Tips

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Require Mouthguards

Some leagues already require that participants wear mouth guards, but a host of activities still leave this decision up to parental discretion. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of having children wear mouth guards for all sports — even sports that don’t seem like contact sports can lead to accidents.

If the league doesn’t require mouthguards, your child might feel embarrassed to wear theirs. After all, none of the other kids have to wear them! In these instances, make sure to impart your child with the reasons why you require them to wear a mouth guard. You don’t necessarily need to use scare tactics, but you can mention the consequences of a head-on collision, of getting hit in the face with a lacrosse ball, or any other realistic scenario.

When your children see the importance of mouthguards, they’re much more likely to wear them during practice and games.

One mouthguard can prevent a dental emergency down the line.

Avoid Chewing Ice

With the summer heat coming to Seattle, some of us choose to cool down by chewing ice. While refreshing to cool us off, this practice is the opposite of refreshing for our teeth. Ice is one of the hardest substances to which you’ll expose your teeth, and it takes its toll on the enamel of each canine.

You might even break a tooth and therefore need emergency dental treatment.

Skip The Soda

If there’s one way to compromise the safety of your mouth, it’s by drinking soda habitually. Soda is the perfect storm of factors that deteriorate your dental health: sugar, phosphoric acid, and citric acid. The same ingredients that give soda the taste and texture you love also pose real threats to your oral health.

One soda here or there is okay, but try to swap that afternoon coke for water. If you crave the flavor of soda too much to let it go, add lemon slices or other flavors to your water.

Listen To Oral Pain

When you notice that an area of your mouth has become more sensitive or is starting to cause pain, listen to your body. Our mouths are incredibly smart, and they react to oral hygiene threats predictably. If your gums are swollen or bloody, if your teeth hurt when you chew, or if you notice discoloration, it’s safer to call your Seattle dentist than to try and wait it out. Oral health problems will only get worse without treatment.

Schedule Routine Dental Appointments

The best way to promote good oral hygiene is to schedule annual (or, as recommended by your dentist) check-ups. You can have an excellent oral hygiene routine and take all the proper precautions to keep your mouth safe, but nothing replaces routine dental check-ups.

That’s because your local dentist does a thorough evaluation, can perform x-rays if needed, and can make treatment recommendations if they notice anything that might be a concern.

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