The mouth is a very sensitive part of the body that should be well taken care of. To avoid having financial issues during such a critical moment, you can opt for dental insurance coverage. In most cases, we tend to focus more on medical health issues and forget about our dental health and hygiene. Having dental insurance helps you save money because it covers your annual dental checkup expenses.

Preventive Coverage (2 checkups + cleaning/year)

A confident smile comes from healthy, white teeth. You should always remember the health of your teeth can either bring positive or negative impacts to your general health. Here at First Hill Dental Center patients are advised to schedule their dental checkups at least twice a year. During these checkups, the health of your teeth is monitored by ensuring a routine dental cleaning is done to help remove stains and tartar from your teeth.

Complete Oral Treatments/Procedures

By a complete oral treatment, we mean that all your dental issues are taken care of here at First Hill Dental Center. Apart from cleaning and the checkup, other procedures offered in this clinic include: dentures, crowns, fillings, Invisalign, oral surgery, and many other dental services you may need. To get a complete oral treatment you can book an appointment with the First Hill Dental Center at any time of your choice. You don’t have to worry about all the expenses here because all is covered by your dental insurance.

Match or Exceed Yearly Maximum

Delta Dental Insurance is one of the insurance companies First Hill Dental Center works with that offers a lifetime maximum amount to its clients; this is the amount paid over a life course and it applies to individuals applying for specific treatments. In any case, if your dental care costs exceed the annual or lifetime maximum you applied for, you will be no longer be required to pay the dentist for the extra cost.

Take Advantage of No Deductible

When choosing an insurance cover for your dental care, do not wait until it is time that you want to visit the dentist to get your insurance. Take the advantage of no deductibles by getting yourself the insurance as early as possible. You may also choose plans with zero deductibles because by this you will not be required to pay any upfront before receiving the benefits. Although, with this kind of plan you will have to pay higher monthly premiums. With zero dental plan most preventive dental care including X-rays and cleanings are 100% covered.

As you begin the journey of focusing on your dental health, you can rely on First Hill Dental Center for all your dental care needs and services. At our dental clinic, we give you first-class oral care from our well-trained staff. You can contact us to get a glimpse of the services offered at our dental center.