When good health is your priority, you will definitely want to save your teeth from any form of toothache or infection. Whether for cosmetic, emergency, or prevention, First Hill Dental is the best solution to your dental needs. We are a dental clinic that is a member of the American Dental Association, located in Seattle, Washington, and we’re committed to helping ensure your complete dental and oral health. As a patient, what dental services should you expect at First Hill Dental?

Preventive Dentistry

One goes for a preventive dental procedure to identify an early problem and reduce the risk of getting tooth decay or gum disease. When you visit us at First Hill Dental Center, the local dentist will offer preventive dentistry by advising the patient according to various issues such as, brushing, flossing, what to eat and what not, wearing a mouthguard, and not using teeth as scissors. First Hill Dental Center also offers routine dental checkups to maintain good oral health and where necessary do routine x-rays.

Emergency Dental Services

A painful tooth can be frustrating, and you may want the pain to be cleared as soon as possible. At First Hill dental center, emergency dental services are available to all patients at a reduced fee. If your tooth is loose, knocked out, chipped or broken, swollen, or has an absence, call or visit your local dentist as soon as possible at First Hill Dental Center and prevent any further damage and pain to your teeth.

Dental Surgery

Any sensitive medical procedure requires a specialist and experienced doctor. For years, First Hill Dental Center has been known for its successful dental surgery procedures. Our experienced local dentist who is also an oral surgeon will be able to do all forms of dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, root canal surgeries, and correction of congenital growth defects, cosmetic surgery, and any form of reconstructive surgery. Our surgeon is kind and patient and if the procedure is not complicated, will only use local anesthetics.

Endodontics and Periodontics

Our center is privileged to have an endodontist who is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp. You will never have to worry about those large cavities, infections, nor fear of losing a tooth because our specialist will carefully assist with correcting cracked teeth, apicoectomy, and root canal therapy. Together we work with a periodontist who ensures all of your teeth are well supported. Additionally, we will also give you advice on any disease or condition that can affect your overall oral and general health. Visit us today to ensure optimal gum health.

Oral health is very important and you need an experienced and compassionate dental care team to walk with you on this journey of good health. Connect with First Hill Dental Center to arrange your appointment today.