Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. However, several factors could contribute to your tooth’s durability. Of course, there are several things you can do to prevent cavities, but it’s important to be aware of their causes, too. As local dentists, we’re committed to providing our patients with the education they need to keep their mouths healthy, and their confidence shine.

Oral Hygiene

Most people are good at brushing their teeth at least twice a day. Factors like flossing and mouthwash are important too, though. Local dentists encourage their patients to get better at flossing, because even if it’s a part of your routines, you may still be lacking in technique. Make sure your strokes are gentle but forceful, so you get bacteria out. Remember that mental health may be a contributing factor to oral hygiene. It’s important to be empathetic with those who may not have the best oral hygiene practices.

Dry Mouth

Plaque builds up easily if your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva. If your mouth produces too much plaque, cavities will form rather quickly. Limiting your caffeine intake and staying hydrated can help prevent dry mouth. However, genetic factors may apply. Contact a doctor if dry mouth persists, and no natural factors like caffeine are present.

The Food You Consume

It’s important to make healthy choices with food and drinks, for several reasons. Of course, eating healthy foods and limiting sugary beverages will make you feel more energetic. Above all else, sugar builds up on your teeth when too many sugary foods or drinks are consumed. Local dentists would say to drop soda entirely, but consuming beverages like soda in moderation and brushing shortly after (about 30 minutes after consumption), is best.

Medical Problems

Sometimes, cavities are caused by deeper issues that are not so controllable. Cancer treatments have been known to cause changes within the markup of saliva. Such drastic changes can lead to rapid tooth decay. Similarly, pregnant women have experienced tooth loss and decay from a lack of calcium after birth. Please check with your medical provider for any underlying health conditions that may be causing cavities.

It can feel scary needing dental treatment. Your smile is your first impression. Thankfully, technological advancements have made dental procedures much easier and more effective. We would rather see you prevent these issues than repair them, though. If you’re due for an appointment for a cavity filling in Seattle, call First Hill Dental Center today.