1. Always first-rate and on top of any issues

    Always first-rate and on top of any issues. In addition, I have particularly aggressive plaque buildup, which must be removed every 3 months if my gums are to stay healthy. Hygienist and doctor coordination ensures I continue to stay bleed and sensitive free, with periodic deep cleanings as necessary. The entire staff is simply the greatest.…Read More

    Robert Coffer
  2. Kind, Professional, & Knowledgeable

    Everyone is so kind, professional, and knowledgeable. I'm so grateful to have found a wonderful new dentist after moving to the city so recently!…Read More

  3. Pleasant Experience

    The most pleasant experience I've had at a dental appointment! The hygienist was kind, patient, and thorough.…Read More

  4. Super friendly people!

    Super friendly people! Gentle, pain-free cleaning. Professional, experienced, kind dentists. And, now with AWESOME VIEWS! Just lay back and watch the world...…Read More

    Michael M.
  5. The best dental experience I’ve had in my life!

    The best dental experience I've had in my life! I found Dr. Singh and his staff to be extremely kind, gentle, and professional! The front of the office staff...…Read More

    Amyn H.