Endodontics is a specialized dental study that focuses on the pulp, or inner portion, of the tooth. The pulp is found in the center of the tooth, beneath the layers of enamel and dentin. It’s made up of blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves.

When the pulp is damaged, it’s primarily due to an untreated cavity. The decay can spread past the dentin and enamel and inflict damage upon the pulp. If left untreated, teeth can crack from within and intense pain can be experienced.

The good news is, root canal therapy is an excellent means of treating this condition. Through root canal therapy, diseased or damaged pulp is carefully removed. Next, inert dental fillers replace the pulp. The process is completely painless after anesthesia has been applied. It’s highly effective, even useful on severely damaged teeth that would have otherwise been lost. The visible part of the tooth can be restored with a crown or even a small filling.

So how do you know if you’re experiencing pulp problems? Some symptoms include:

  • Sensitivity to cold or heat while chewing
  • Pressure discomfort while chewing
  • Spontaneous dull ache

If this is happening, it’s important to seek out dental care as soon as possible.

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