iTero Technology at First Hill Dental

At First Hill Dental Center, we are improving our patient experience using iTero scanner technology. This piece of equipment is designed to easily fit in the patient’s mouth so we can get accurate and precise measurements of your teeth and mouth shape.

With the information from the iTero scanner, we are able to create a digital model of your teeth — and the entire model creation process can be done in as little as 60 seconds. Once we have a digital model, we can show you what your Invisalign aligners will look like in addition to designing a treatment plan and customized implants. From visit to visit, this digital model will also show changes in tooth wear, movement, and gingiva so we can better monitor the health of your teeth.

Ultimately, this piece of iTero technology has expanded the way we can look at teeth and design customized treatment plans to give you the perfect smile.

Why Choose an iTero Scanner Over Traditional Options?

At First Hill Dental, our patient experience is extremely important to us. The iTero scanner provides a detailed model of your mouth without using powders or materials. This means we’re able to provide an easy and stress-free way to take a look at your teeth and design treatment plans for any needed dental work.

Get Started at First Hill Dental

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