During the holiday season, the last thing you want to worry about is how what you’re eating is affecting the health of your teeth. However, during any time of the year, is a good time to think about what you’re eating and what that is doing to your teeth. Diet is something that is on people’s minds every day, but you might be thinking about calories and fat content. Foods and liquids that are consumed every day also have an impact on your teeth. Read on to learn what foods to avoid at your next Christmas or New Year’s Party. If you haven’t seen your local dentist in awhile, schedule an appointment with First Hill Dental Center for a cleaning.


If you plan on attending any parties this holiday season, there’s a good chance you’ll have a drink with ice in it. Having a drink with ice in it is fine, but when the glass is empty, let the ice melt. Chewing on ice can lead to a dental care emergency and can damage the enamel.

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If you like a grapefruit for breakfast, be sure to brush your teeth right after. Even lemon or lime in your water can damage enamel and your teeth are more likely to have tooth decay over time. Eating fruits and juices are good for you, but dangerous for your teeth. Brushing your teeth often and drinking a lot of water will offer protection.

Sticky Foods

Some desserts, candies, gums and dried fruit are all foods that are delicious, and some are even healthy, but be careful how they stick to your teeth. Sticky foods have a tendency to stay on your teeth longer than other foods. If you eat these types of foods regularly, be sure you are brushing often and flossing carefully.

Also, avoid excessively sugary drinks like soda, and try not to add sugar to your coffee. Alcohol is great at New Year’s parties but can dry your mouth out. At any time of the year, keep in mind that your teeth are also affected by the foods you eat, not just your waistline. Schedule an appointment at First Hill Dental Center, your local dentist, for any of your dental care needs.