If you are a parent of a child who likes to play rough, a competitive sports player, or just someone who injured their teeth, you don’t want to wait for a scheduled appointment with the dentist. Tooth or mouth pain can be extreme and waiting may only make it worse. When you have any of the following problems, contact your local emergency dentist, First Hill Dental Center.

Emergency DentistSevere Pain

Needing an emergency dentist visit might not be as obvious as a broken or chipped tooth. If you wake up with tooth pain, or have been experiencing tooth pain for a day or two, it’s time to call First Hill Dental Center. Tooth pain could mean constant pain, when you put pressure on the tooth, or if there is constant throbbing. Tooth pain could be a sign of decay or infection. Don’t wait to call, as waiting could lead to the problem spreading through the rest of your body. Experiencing pain in your tongue is also a reason to call an emergency dentist. This could be from biting it, burning it on hot foods, or as severe as tongue cancer.

Knocked-out Tooth

This could happen to anyone and needs immediate attention. Hold the tooth by the crown, or the part that is exposed, and gently rinse off the tooth, but don’t scrub it or rinse off attached tissue fragments. If possible, put the tooth back in the socket, but never force it. Hold it in place by pressing down on the tooth, but be careful not to swallow to the tooth. If it’s not possible to reinsert the tooth, place it in warm water with a pinch of salt, or hold it under your tongue until you can get to an emergency dentist.

Other common reasons to call for an emergency dentist visit are jaw pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, or sweets, lost crowns, broken braces and wires, or loose brackets and bands. In the case of lost crowns, try to locate the crown and if possible slip it back over the tooth using toothpaste or dental cement to hold it in place. For broken or loose braces and wires, use orthodontic wax to cover up the ends of the wires so they don’t poke your cheek or tongue.

When it comes to emergency dental care, no matter what the issue is, time is of the essence. Call your local dentist, First Hill Dental Center, for any emergency dental needs. The sooner we look at the problem, the sooner you can have some relief. Contact us right away or call 206-388-5950.