Summer is here, which means that you and your family can spend more time outside enjoying the warmer weather. But because school is out of session, and college and high school students are home for the summer, summer is also a great opportunity to have those wisdom teeth removed.

Today, we’ll explain why it’s beneficial to plan your wisdom teeth extraction during the summer. If you’re ready, schedule a wisdom teeth removal appointment with our oral surgeons at First Hill Dental Center in Seattle today. You can also contact us for any other family dental care needs!

Wisdom Teeth

At one time, wisdom teeth worked as an additional set of molars in the back of the mouth to help grind down plants. Over time, humans have evolved to not need those molars, causing wisdom teeth to not fit as well in our mouths. This means that when wisdom teeth start to grow in, there’s not enough room so they begin to push against your other teeth, causing alignment problems and pain.

Since we don’t need our wisdom teeth, it’s a common right of passage to have those teeth removed around the ages of 17 to 25. This means that it’s not a bad idea for high schoolers or college students to take advantage of their summer break to get those teeth taken out before they can cause problems later in life.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Problematic?

If your wisdom teeth haven’t come in yet, it might be hard to rationalize having them removed. While your wisdom teeth aren’t crowding your existing teeth yet, that doesn’t mean they won’t cause problems in the future. If you wait for your wisdom teeth to grow in before having them removed, they can cause pain and other problems before you have time to meet with an oral surgeon.

Some wisdom teeth come in at an angle, meaning that they start to push your other molars out of the way as they come in. On top of being painful, this shift can start to damage teeth and require the need for realignment in the future. This is especially important if you have already spent money on braces or Invisalign to align those teeth.

Ultimately, wisdom teeth that haven’t grown in yet can still be removed. Save yourself from pain or misalignment problems and use your summer break to have your wisdom teeth removed.

The Benefits of Removing Wisdom Teeth During the Summer

We know that summer is a time to relax and enjoy the weather, so having wisdom teeth removed might not be on the top of your list. For teens and college students off for the summer, recovering from a wisdom teeth extraction can take some time. But instead of missing classes or other important school year activities, it is better to use some of your summer break to relax and recover without worrying about missed commitments.

Sometimes, depending on your wisdom teeth and how they need to be extracted, there are also some potential complications that can arise, like an infection or dry socket. Summer gives you a buffer to help deal with any of those potential problems at home, and have enough time to take the recovery time you need. While infections or other problems are inconvenient, summer gives you enough time to get antibiotics from your oral surgeon and recover.

Plan Ahead for Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

We hope that this post has shown you the benefits of having your wisdom teeth removed during the summer. While no one wants to waste precious time at home swollen and on the couch, it’s a good opportunity to have enough time to fully recover before the school year starts up again.

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