Along with the hundreds of other parenting duties, dental health is something that all parents should be aware of when you have a growing baby. How to care for their teeth at home and when to take children for their first dental checkup are questions new parents often ask. At First Hill Dental Center, our pediatric dentists want to give your child the best care. Read on to learn more about caring for your baby’s teeth.

When Is the First Visit?

After your baby covers his or her face with a chocolate frosting covered cake, celebrate their first birthday by scheduling an appointment with First Hill Dental Center. The first visit will educate parents in order to give them information on how to take care of the baby’s teeth and gums at home. It will also allow the young one to become familiar with the dentist chair and the possibly scary bright lights. If your child has not started to use a cup rather than a bottle or doesn’t snack or drink during the night, parents can wait until his or her second birthday.

DentistToddler Visits

After your child’s second birthday, the standard schedule of two visits per year will start. The pediatric dentists at First Hill Dental Center want to make sure your child is comfortable and happy during dental care visits. Dentists are a scary place for some adults, so it’s not hard to imagine a three-year-old being scared of the noisy equipment and having a stranger’s hand in his or her mouth. Introduce your child to the dentist and the equipment before any work is done.

Cleaning at Home

To ensure teeth grow in properly, if there are any sucking habits, try to stop them as soon possible. Using a soft, kid-size brush, use a small amount of toothpaste when brushing. It is recommended that the parents assist with brushing until the age of eight. Along with brushing after breakfast and before bedtime, avoiding sugary snacks and drinks will help with keeping your child’s growing teeth healthy.

When it’s time for your baby’s first visit to the dentist, call a pediatric dentist. We’ll make sure your child is comfortable and has an enjoyable time at the dentist and leave with a bright smile. Contact us today!