Dental crowns are a restorative dental procedure that protects your tooth. These technological wonders have drastically changed the field of dentistry in recent years. The developments within dental crowns have made it possible to not only restore but improve the appearance of most teeth. If you need to get a crown, don’t worry. Here are some facts about dental crowns.

Your Insurance Might Cover A Portion

Depending on the circumstances, your insurance might cover a portion of your dental crown procedure. Of course, this largely depends on your plan. Check with your insurance provider to see if dental crowns are covered, and they might surprise you. Since dental crowns are often considered to be restorative, and not cosmetic, many plans cover up to 80%.

You’ll Need Two Appointments

Usually, dental crowns are placed after root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is a dental surgery that removes the pulp from your tooth’s infected root. In this instance, your local dentist will place a temporary crown over the root canal site. A permanent crown is then made in a lab. Two weeks later, you’ll return to the dentist to have the permanent crown placed.

You Can Eat Most Foods

Dental crowns are made to function like your natural tooth. Therefore, you’ll be able to eat normally. However, you’ll need to wait a while before you bite into buttery corn on the cob. Your dentist will give you a specific time frame for your case, but typically it’s recommended to avoid sticky or crunchy foods for at least 24 hours.

You Can Experience Decay Under Crowns

While dental crown procedures are likely to be effective, it’s up to you to maintain them for the best results. The tooth underneath the crown can still experience decay after it heals if it isn’t taken care of. This means that you must be adamant about your oral hygiene after your procedure. Scheduling regular appointments with local dentists, as well as brushing and flossing well, will ultimately be the difference between a successful or failed crown.

Dental crowns are an incredible solution for your oral health and confidence. After dental crowns are placed, many patients notice a striking difference in their appearance. Dental crowns are made to look just like, or better than, your natural tooth. If you believe you need dental crowns or other restorative dentistry, please schedule an appointment with First Hill Dental Center in Seattle today.